MUSEI DELLE LACRIME. Experience an exhibition through the artist’s eyes.

On June 20th, Venice International Foundation experienced a unique and special moment: it shared with its members the exclusive opportunity to experience Francesco Vezzoli’s exhibition guided by the artist and institutions. At the Museo Correr after institutional greetings from Dr. Chiara Squarcina and Dr. Andrea Bellieni and an introduction by Francesco Vezzoli, participants were able to visit the “Musei delle Lacrime” exhibition guided by a special narrative. The evening continued at the home of Venice Foundation President Luca Bombassei, for an engaging conversation between Francesco Vezzoli and Luca Massimo Barbero. The artist and curator discussed, among other things, Venice’s role in the international contemporary art system – a theme particularly dear to Venice Foundation as it is at the heart of a new look towards the future through attention and sensitivity to the past that Francesco Vezzoli’s exhibition has inaugurated, alongside the usual love for the city’s historical heritage. We look forward to welcoming you in even greater numbers for upcoming events related to the exhibition and Venice.