For the Venice International Foundation, the art of our city is not only a value to be preserved and contemplated, but also a tool for interpreting reality, for understanding and imagining how to renew it in a context of free thinking nourished by vision, possibility and commitment. Founded in 1996 with the aim of creating a private structure to support the management of the Musei Civici Veneziani, VIF was the first attempt in Italy to channel private funding into the public museum sector through crowdfunding.
Presenting itself as a cultural enterprise, a laboratory of ideas and a link between institutions, VIF supports a diverse range of projects of historical, artistic and scientific interest. VIF involves patrons, lovers of art, history and the environment in projects able to transform museums into places to be experienced through three specific actions in relation to the art-historical heritage: safeguard, acquire, enhance.
The new structure of the Venice International Foundation embodies its vocation to re-invent itself. It is a structure in which ideas circulate freely to develop intentions and projects for varying periods of time. VIF defines a communication and fundraising strategy aimed at assuring broad participation in its initiatives, to create a new bond between its supporters and the city, emphasising the social value of a contribution allocated to the support of a heritage that belongs to all of us.