We believe in the value of our city’s art,

not only as a unique legacy to be conserved and appreciated,
but also as a tool for rebirth, a generator of opportunities, a catalyst for contemporary creativity.

To enhance the art of the past, we embrace the art of renewal.

VIF is a supporter of diverse projects of artistic, historic and scientific interest,

a laboratory of ideas for restoring and reviving Venice’s cultural patrimony,
a forum for tireless devotees of art, history and the environment.

To sustain a historic heritage, we shape new narratives.

VIF discovers hidden treasures and unexplored connections,

it promotes fresh ties between the city and those who love it,
and facilitates effective links between its institutions.

To safeguard beauty for all, we seek the support of a few.

VIF’s supporters are unselfish contributors to the preservation of something extraordinary,

passionate members of a prestigious club,

proud ambassadors for beauty in the world.


Join us, and help nurture Venice’s future by valuing its past.