Canova mon Amour, Intime

Aldo Cazzullo / Italy yes, Italy no, Extract from Sette – Corriere della Sera

Sublime Canova, awaiting the ‘Grande Correr’, Il Giornale dell’

Sublime Canova for the “Grande Correr”.Pproject for the enhancement of the genius of Possagno,

On the wings of Franca, the illustrious. Venice, ideas styles and stories

Fortuny Mission, Cara Cortina

Mariano holds a reception in the Teatro delle Feste, La Nuova Venezia

Ca’ Rezzonico, 200 vips and Lucio Dalla, La Nuova Venezia

Venice awaits a new form of patronage, Dossier | Veneto

Palazzo Ducale to be adopted by the metre, Il Gazzettino

Now the gilding is coming off in the Doge’s Palace, La Nuova Venezia